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The Vaasa Society for the Environment (Vaasan ympäristöseura) is the local branch of the Finnish Association for the Protection of Nature (Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto; for Finnish speakers) and the Nature and Environment Association (Natur och Miljö; for Swedish speakers).

The aim of our Society is to increase people’s contact with, and awareness of, the natural features of the City of Vaasa and its neighbouring commune of Mustasaari/Korsholm.

We organise meetings, events and expeditions of environmental and cultural interest in the surrounding area.  For example, there have been regular outings to attempt to limit the aggressive spread of Himalayan balsam along the coast and near waterways.  Excursions are open to everyone, and as Vaasa lies close to the World Heritage Site of Kvarken, they are very popular, such as expeditions into the wetlands, or (less energetically) the trip every year to the meteor crater at Söderfjärden to see thousands of cranes gathering before their annual migration.

If you want to raise current environmental issues with the Society, you should get in touch with a member of the board (see Contacts/Yhteystiedot).  One widely reported campaign in recent years was an attempt to limit the damage caused to the “protected” coastline by a National Housing Fair held in Vaasa.

The Society has about 400 individual members, and anyone who is interested in any way in participating in our activities, protecting the environment, or preventing unnecessary urban encroachment on the countryside is very welcome to join our ranks.  We hold discussion sessions where members have a chance to put their views to others who have the same interest in urgent ecological issues.

Becoming a member is an easy way to have an effect on our own local environment and its natural habitats while meeting other concerned people who are active in defending the state of the environment.

You can get further information from: vaasan.ymparistoseura(at)


Together we can make a difference when defending our environment is at issue!  Join us and be a part of that activity!