a piece of threatened Taiga


This slideshow contains 95 images from our group expedition to the Lunas wilderness in August 1999. This was my second visit to the area. My first visit was in 1997. You can start from the clickmap, the first picture or choose your favorite images from the index, which will take much longer to download.

Panorama-images from Lunas

During my first expedition to Russia with my digital camera I took this panoramic image from the top of the fell Lunas. I was lucky, it was a brilliant afternoon in August 1999. Unfortunately, I was not so familiar with my camera so I didn't take it with panorama function. You can only enjoy this image in 0,2 Mb jpg scale. The original panorama is 6 Mb in jpg and 21 Mb uncompressed. This panorama makes you feel like standing at the top of Lunas on that sunny day.

The second version of this image has explanations, what is there to see and how far. Most of the forest area in the picture has cutting plans in some level and year. Some forests in the right of the picture belong to the Paanajärvi park. The road construction and planning was going on in summer 2001. The roadline is drawn only approximately because of horizontal perpective.

Updated 15.07.2001