The National Park


and it's surroundings

Paanajärvi and it's adjoining forests and fells form an unique wilderness area next to the Finnish border. The pearl of this area is indeed the Paanajärvi lake itself. But one should know that around Paanajävi park there is a huge taiga area at least twice the size of the Park and it is not protected in any way. The area North from Paanajärvi park is a magnificent landscape now threatened by logging, mining and road construction. Aften you've seen Paanajärvi, Kivakka and Nuorunen fells in the Park area, take a look at the Lunas wilderness in the North of Paanajärvi. Or have a look at this panorama image to see a magnificent and quite a rare wiew, which may soon be clearcut. Paanajärvi and the wilderness around is worth of many visits! See more maps, pictures, research reports and join the campaign to save this area at

Updated 23.01.2001

The Lunas Taiga

Introduction to Paanajärvi

Oulun Lehti 1886

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Source: Paanajarven Kansallispuisto, Paanajärvi-Oulanka Säätiö, Kuusamo 1993, ISBN 951-2-90-4839-4