The National Park


Children camps in Ural

The committee of saving the Pechora-river, Valentina Semjashkina and Mr. Shcreiber founded a club in 1988 which arranged children camps in Ural. The aim of this work was to provide a change for these children. Children were chosen from "trouble families", where parents were, for instance, alcoholics. They wanted these children away from streets, from drugs and violence, to the nature. There they collected rubbish, garbage left by some geologists and had some ecological education. A club "Körpi" was formed. (Pechora-river Committee had a great influce in forming the Yugud-Va park as well.)

Year 1995 they got some money from Canadan embassy. But that year they had to choose childs from the Usinsk area, where a huge oil spill had taken place. They had 60 children in camps in 1995. In 1996 they will at last get some financial support from the town of Pechora, but they are still in constant lack of support.

The club "Körpi" wants to have cooperation with similar clubs elsewhere. If you want to support them, contact Viktor, who is the president of the club. If you go to Pechora you can give them anything that is needed in forest camps: tents, backpacks, compasses, mosquito-nets, etc. etc. Year 1996 they try to get some money by collecting berries.

The pictures above are not very good examples of their activities, but they were only available.