Hi Matti

The Chairman of our Trust found your article on the Chathams on the Internet and sent us a copy. That must have been a lot of work. We are on the Internet now at work and hope to be at home shortly. I am sending some information to you so you can update your article. Spelling mistakes are underlined. I have put the headings in so you can find things quickly.


Climate: rainfall changeable

Settlements: Other settlements

Electoral: We are now in Rongatai and Tai Tonga electorates.

Industries: Add, There are 7 live wells, after five fish processing works. Fish is either flown

Birdlife: native It might be worth adding that South East Island is under Dept of Conservation protection and not open to visitors.

Shipping service. We also have an Island based company, Chatham Shipping Ltd, who trade around NZ and also carry passengers. Cook Island National Line goes to some Pacific Islands between visits.

Airlines. Mount Cook no longer operates. Air Chathams no longer flies to Napier. Air Chats flies Wellington, Mon, Wed & Friday, Christchurch Tuesday and Thursday. Flies Saturdays in the summer. Airworks flies Wellington, Chathams, Wellington on Monday and Thursday.

Health services: St Johns

Banking: branch

Shops: Mainstore and hardware store. 2 takeaways:- Petrebay Takeaways and Waitangi Cafe 1 video shop in Waitangi, small gift and video shop in Te One. Black Robin Rentals no longer hire cars.

Radio: aerial

General Inf: CJ Cafe doesn't exist. Waitangi Cafe is new. (build on the non seaward side of the Bank)Does Takeaways, Teas and icecreams.

There is a hairdressing salon used by visiting hairdressers.

That's all for now. Kind regards. Rosemary